Education should be based on values and needs of students. Based on evidence-based research literature, to prepare our children to thrive in their personal and professional lives, our children need:

  1. A whole child education.
    Social emotional development and mental health status impact our children’s ability to study and learn. I will continue to advocate for more social emotional learning and counselors in our schools. In addition, we need to build a support system that is beyond the classroom and strengthens our partnership with community support networks like student support groups, social service agencies, sports, and extracurricular activities.
  2. Curriculum and personnel must be inclusive and should reflect our student diversity.
    Diversity to me means more than ethnic and racial diversity. Diversity means different children’s abilities, learning needs, and interests. I support best practices in curriculum and instruction tailored to diverse learning needs and capabilities. I support the hiring of teachers from diverse background and experiences. Our teachers should be provided with the best training/development opportunities and resources to respond to the increasing complex needs of students.
  3. To be challenged and worldview to be broaden.
    Students need to be prepared to successfully navigate in a diverse, global environment with increasing technological advancement. All different types of learners need challenging, evidence-based classes that prepare them for higher education and life. I support STEM classes grounded in a liberal arts foundation. In addition, these courses must reflect and appreciate the global world we live in and promote connections to others. I support more service learning and global learning opportunities. We also must promote educational outcomes that involve critical thinking, justice, and equity.
  4. A safe and supportive learning environment.
    Students learn best when they feel safe and supported. I support a comprehensive, district wide approach to address expressions and behaviors of hate and violence while restoring the integrity and humanity of all who are impacted. I support getting all school facilities to high standards so that there is equity in learning environment, which would allow for a learning culture of collaboration, creativity, and innovation.