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Michael Butler, Ph.D.

"Dr. Tam Dinh is a beacon of hope in the Pacific Northwest, a fair-minded and community-oriented voice for social justice and the general welfare of the diverse communities to which she belongs."

Lori Sirs, DSW, LICSW

"She does this seemingly effortlessly, as she challenges them, awakens their curiosity, and helps them see that they can make their world a kinder, more just place, one person, one courageous act a time."

Katya Shkurkin, Ph.D., LICSW

"Without her energy, vision and excellent writing and administrative skills, we would never had gotten our program accredited."

Johnson Nguyen

"Conducting research under Dr. Tam Dinh was a pivotal moment in my career. She not only coached myself and two other research assistants on culturally responsive qualitative research methods, but acted as a springboard to a career in public service."

Antonia Aukusitino

"She has inspired me to dream big as well as guides me to fulfill those dreams. Using her wisdom and experience she leads a classroom with a down to earth and realistic understanding of the world. She has changed my life and helped me find my voice as well as confidence in myself."

Garret Jones

"With the encouragement and mentorship of Dr. Dinh, and the guidance from her social work program that holds space for freedom of expression and social connection, I found passion, compassion, and most importantly, my life’s purpose."

Andres Perez

"Dr. Dinh started me on a path to achieve things I never believed I was capable of, and she saw me cross the finish line."

Jase Kugiya

"Prior to knowing Dr. Dinh, I was a confused student who was not aware of my potential. Since then, Dr. Dinh has become a mentor for me and helped me to realize my inner strengths."

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